How to Stitch Tic Tac Toe Board Embroidery Designs

Hi there! I’m here to share one of my tutorials for putting together my Tic Tac Toe board designs. 🙂 These are the same instructions that I include with my design files but a little more in detail just in case. Let’s get started!


Materials Needed:

  • Tear-away Stabilizer (8×8 inch sheets are what I use for my 4×4 hoop)
  • Felt or fabric in the colors you’d like for the design (Michaels craft felt works perfectly and is very cheap!)
  • Adhesive spray or a tape that isn’t way too sticky (This is for attaching a backing)
  • Thread color choices (I prefer to use Robison-Anton thread)

Setting up and Stitching:

  1. Place your stabilizer into your hoop and then place the hoop into the machine.
  2. Insert your first thread color into the machine and stitch the first step directly onto your stabilizer. (This will be an outline guideline for your board)
  3. Place your material down over top the outline stitching. Use scraps that fit instead of full pieces to save material!
  4. Continue with the design and its color change steps until you get to the final redwork stitches.
  5. Remove your hoop from the machine and flip it over so that the backside of the design is facing up.
  6. Lightly spray your backing material (or tape it) and press it gently over the back of your design so that it is secure enough that it won’t fall off.
  7. Place your hoop back into the machine and complete the final stitching.

Once all stitching is complete, trim away all of the excess fabrics and tear away your stabilizer. Repeat these same steps for the pieces and enjoy your new tic tac toe board! 🙂