How to Stitch Snap Clip Cover Embroidery Designs

I’m so happy to be offering snap clip covers to everyone now! They are so much fun to stitch out and decorate – the possibilities really seem endless when I sit here and think about it! đŸ˜‰ This time I was prepared and made the tutorial as I released the first design. Woohoo! Here’s how to stitch these cuties out:


Materials Needed:

  • Tear-away stabilizer (Some nice pre-cut sheets work wonders)
  • Felt or fabric in the colors you desire ( Michaels or any other craft store felt is great )
  • Good adhesive spray or tape (For adding the backing)
  • Thread colors you’ll be needing to stitch the design
  • 2 inch snap clips

Setting Up and Stitching:

  1. Place stabilizer into your hoop and place your hoop into the machine.
  2. Stitch your first step right on to the stabilizer (this is just an outline).
  3. Place your material on top of the outline.
  4. Continue stitching with the color change steps in the design until you get to the final redwork stitching.
  5. Remove hoop from your machine and turn it over.
  6. Place backing material directly onto the back of your design and secure with a light spray or tape.
  7. Place your hoop back into your machine and finish your redwork stitches.
  8. Using sharp scissors or a preferred cutting tool, you will need to make a straight cut across the back of the clip cover. Make sure to only cut through the back fabric only. Be very careful that you do not cut through the top fabric as well. The cut should be made at about 1/2 inch away from the larger edge of the cover. If you’d prefer not to measure, try placing the clip up against the back of the cover and look at where the clip opens. Make note of that area and cut across the cover accordingly.