How to Stitch Slide Embroidery Designs

Yay! I finally got around to making my slide embroidery tutorial that goes with my slide designs. 🙂 I tried to make this as clear as possible so that hopefully no one has any issues getting these stitched out!


Materials Needed:

  • Tear-away stabilizer (I use the pre-cut sheets and they always work perfectly for me)
  • Felt or fabric in the colors you desire (Craft store felt sheets are great! They are cheap and do the job 🙂 )
  • Good adhesive spray or tape (For attaching backing)
  • Thread with the colors you’ll need for the design (Robison-anton brand is wonderful)
  • Candy cane, 1/2 inch or smaller headband, or anything else you can think of to slide in!

Setting Up and Stitching:

  1. Place stabilizer into your hoop and place your hoop into the machine.
  2. Stitch your first step right on to the stabilizer (this is just an outline).
  3. Place your material on top of the outline.
  4. Continue stitching with the color change steps in the design until you get to any black single stitched line steps.
  5. Stitch the line in either black or the next color after this step (this is an outline for the fabric you will be placing down).
  6. Place your new fabric down on top of the outline and continue with the step that outlines the area.
  7. Continue in design until you get to the final redwork stitching.
  8. Remove hoop from your machine and turn it over.
  9. Place backing material directly onto the back of your design and secure with a light spray or tape.
  10. Place your hoop back into your machine and finish your redwork stitches.

Once you finish stitching, remove your hoop and trim away all of the leftover fabric and tear away the stabilizer. Insert your candy cane or headband. 🙂