How To Stitch Bobby Pin Embroidery Designs

Hello everyone!


I was asked if I could create some kind of tutorial or instructions for how I create my ITH bobby pins and now I have found the time to sit down and show you. 🙂 I will go over what materials you will need first and then comes the how-to!


Materials needed:

  • Tear-away Stabilizer or preferred (This is just what I use and it works perfectly for me so far!)
  • Felt or fabric in colors you desire (I use the Michael’s store felt, it’s only a little over 20 cents for an entire sheet and it works great in my machine)
  • A good adhesive spray that can be used on fabrics and is NOT permanent! I bought one from Walmart in the sewing section – it’s not the best but it will do on a budget! 🙂
  • Bobby Pins! I like to use the longer ones, the are about 2 inches long. Shorter ones will fit still, though!

Setting up And Stitching:

  1. Place your stabilizer in into your hoop and place hoop into your machine.
  2. Insert your first thread color into the machine (which is always the initial outlining thread in my designs).
  3. Stitch the first step directly onto the stabilizer first. (I like to do this first design step onto the stabilizer as a way of saving material by knowing how much I will need to place down over the outline.) 🙂
  4. Place your material onto the line that was made on the stabilizer in the hoop. How much of the material you need is all based on the design size you stitched in the previous step!
  5. Continue with the design steps & color changes until you get to the last step that uses a redwork stitching.
  6. Remove your hoop from the machine and turn it over.
  7. Lightly spray a backing material with adhesive fabric spray and gently place onto the back of your design while it’s still in the hoop.
  8. Place your hoop back into the machine and complete the final step.

Once the design is completed, you just need to tear-away or cut the stabilizer and the design’s excess fabrics. Then, just slide in your bobby pin and you are all set! 🙂

Here is my instructional sheet I put together: