About Sarah

Hello! Sarah here. 🙂


First and foremost, I am a stay at home mom of the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. I spend most of my day tending to her as well as taking care of all of the many house duties (we all know it’s SO much more work than it sounds!). I love dressing her up and taking pictures when time allows which brings me to the main turning point in my background story. 🙂


I always struggled with trying to find cute accessories for my daughter to wear when I take her pictures. They grow up WAY too fast & it’s so sad, really! I wanted to make the best of the time I have with her whiles she’s so small and doesn’t mind what her mommy puts on her! I started buying bows and such that were ready-made but either they started getting too expensive or it just wasn’t what I was looking for at all. After letting my frustration be known, my loving husband bought me an embroidery machine in 2012 and the software needed to design on my own! Ever since receiving this amazing gift, I have been designing all sorts of cute items for my daughter! I’ve learned a lot over the years and I feel like now is as good of a time as ever to start sharing with others that may be in need of a great pick-me-up ITH embroidery design.


I know that having a child is super expensive without even worrying about things like bows and other cute items. I totally get it. Believe me. That’s why I’d love more than anything to just give back & hopefully make others out there just as happy as I am when I see my daughter wearing a cute ITH piece that I stitched out on my own! All of my designs are ones that I have created for my little girl so they are completely tested and loved beforehand. There is no catch at all, I absolutely love the thought of others out there sporting my designs! The only thing you will see on my website is ads & they do not conflict with the content whatsoever. Embroidering is such a great stress reliever and relaxing hobby – I’m sure others can agree with that. 🙂


xo Sarah